It is almost time for the new Dillard's location to open in Lubbock.

Back in Nov. 2022, we told you that Dillard's was going to expand in Lubbock with a new location at the South Plains Mall. This construction is a  220,000-square-foot store set to open in 2024.

The new store, which will replace the two already in the mall, will be in the former Sears. Dillard’s opened its South Plains Mall store in July 1972.

The new Dillard’s location will be combining the men’s Dillard’s and women’s Dillard’s stores currently open in the South Plains Mall and also said how the new location will be different from the two current stores.

"We could not be more pleased that Dillard's is expanding its presence at South Plains, Lubbock's leading retail destination," said Ed Coppola, Macerich President. "The brand's expansion in Lubbock speaks to Dillard's long history of delighting customers with desirable products and stellar service, its strength as a company, and the continued appeal of South Plains Mall."

The new store will have a new design, look, and feel so really the whole shopping experience is being transformed with this new flagship location.

There has not been an announcement on what will be opening at the old locations of Dillar'ds just yet.

Since it is a new location Dillard's won't be closed for a long time to get everything ready. More details about when it will be closed will come soon.

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