One notable change set to come into effect in Texas for the 2024 year is the lowering of the legal blood alcohol concentration limit. As of the new legislation, the permissible BAC level for drivers will be reduced from its previous value to align with recent research and its standards. Not only will the level of driving change for Texas, but receiving a DUI also known as driving under the influence will now be taken to another level of accountability.

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Often you’ve seen Texans hop in the car after drinking and think to themselves that they can make it home with no issues or any problems, and that right there could be the most frightening thing ever. When individuals have that thought of driving and drinking under the influence, it puts not only the driver in a vulnerable position but also can be a serious liability for the drivers around that area. According to the National Center for Drug Abuse, statistics, the state of Texas had 1439 fatalities in 2023 and 155 of these incidents were under the age of 21.




Besides California, Texas found itself having one of the largest amount of deaths taking place DUIs last year. When a tragedy like that happens changes most definitely have to see some type of change and according to House Bill 393, it will be immediately. House Bill 393 states if it individual happens to kill someone’s parents while receiving a DUI that person will be responsible for taking care of the non-living children until they are 18 years old of age or at least have graduated. Drinking and driving is always a Russian roulette situation, either way, it goes you could find yourself making it home safely after a night of drinking or killing yourself or even someone either way. Accountability will be held this year in Texas, so drink wisely and responsibly!

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