Zac Brown has filed for a temporary restraining order against his ex-wife, Kelly Yazdi, claiming she violated a confidentiality agreement with Instagram posts that appeared to make allegations about their marriage.

People reports that Brown, 45, filed for a temporary restraining order against Yazdi in Fulton County, Georgia, on Friday (May 17). The country singer-songwriter and leader of Zac Brown Band sought to force his ex-wife to remove Instagram posts.

One post from May 4 appears to reference their marriage without naming Brown, with Yazdi celebrating her "rebirth" after freeing herself from someone whose "intention was to bridle her spirit."

Yazdi's post elaborates on what she says constitutes a pattern of exerting control.

"Take this picture off your Instagram. Don’t wear that in the house. Don’t post that bikini picture. Don’t post anymore fitness videos. Yes I said you could post that, but now I’m saying take it down. I don’t want other men looking at what is mine. I want to protect you, your body is sacred to me, can’t you see this is because I love you. I don’t want to be with the kind of woman who has to show off her body for attention. I will f*cking leave you," she writes, adding, "Projections. Gaslighting. Threatening. Stonewalling. Those are the ingredients of narcissistic abuse."

  • Brown and Yazdi wed quietly in a ceremony in August of 2023.
  • The couple announced their separation in December of 2023, telling TMZ, "We are in the process of divorce. Our mutual respect for one another remains. We wish each other the best and will always appreciate our time together. As we navigate this personal matter, we simply request privacy during this time.”
  • Brown was previously married to Shelly Brown, with whom he has five children. They announced their split in October of 2018 after 12 years of marriage.

Brown filing calls for Yazdi to remove her offending posts and refrain from further social media activity that violates a confidentiality agreement she reportedly signed in 2022, when she worked for Zac Brown Band.

"After much deliberation, I took the steps necessary to enforce an agreement between us to maintain personal and business affairs in confidence and to protect my family from online harassment and speculation," Brown says in a statement to People. "My only hope is for us to keep private matters private and to move forward with the mutual respect we had agreed to show one another when we parted ways."

In court documents People obtained, Brown asks Yazdi to refrain from "any public statement or disclosing any confidential or private information in violation of the terms of Ms. Yazdi's Employee and Confidentiality Agreements."

The filing also addresses "any defamatory, false, untrue, or otherwise damaging statements regarding ... Mr. Brown and his family, and the Zac Brown Band and any of its members or their family members."

Entertainment Tonight reported on Saturday (May 18) that a judge had granted the restraining order, though Yazdi's post from May 4 remains as of Monday morning (May 20).

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