Live music at the Nashville airport isn't uncommon -- it is Music City, after all! -- but travelers passing through the C Concourse Food Court on Saturday (March 2) got a major surprise when they saw who was onstage.

Keith Urban popped up on the live music stage in the food court that afternoon, playing a short set for passersby. The airport gave fans a heads up once Urban jumped onstage, posting video of him performing his 2011 hit "Long Hot Summer" for a small but enthusiastic assembly of fans.

"You never know who will pop up at BNA!" the airport wrote, going on to tell fans where they could find Urban if they happened to be in the airport and wanted to catch his performance.

It's not clear exactly how long Urban's set lasted, but he stayed onstage at least long enough to warm up the crowd and pull people into a fun, call-and-response-style sing-a-long, according to fan-filmed video of the special moment.

Urban sure looked like he was having the time of his life jamming out with fans in the Nashville airport on Saturday, but not every airport gig he's ever played has gone so smoothly. Back in 2021, during an appearance on The Late Late Show With James Cordon, Urban revealed that the "strangest gig" he ever played was at a small Australian airport, over 20 years ago.

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"You know the little carpeted area above the carousel where the bags come ''s like an island thing above it, right? Yeah, that's where we had to play," Urban recounted at the time. That meant he was competing with the flashing lights and blaring horn letting passengers know that their bags were about to arrive -- and it also meant that once his audience had gotten their luggage, they walked out of his set en masse.

These days, though, Urban doesn't have to worry about keeping fans' attention over airport luggage carousels: He's one of country music's biggest hitmakers, and just put out his newest single, "Messed Up as Me."

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