Blake Shelton brought Gwen Stefani to tears while delivering a heartfelt speech about the singer-songwriter during her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on Thursday (Oct. 19).

He was the final guest to speak about Stefani while she received her star, and he did not disappoint.

"I wrote some stuff down because I've done a couple of these before where I've spoke about Gwen and I'd go on and on," he begins. "So I sat down and wrote this down this morning."

The country singer then takes the audience down memory lane, peeling back the curtain on their first meeting on the set of The Voice — watch his speech below.

"The first time that I ever met Gwen was in 2014," Shelton recounts. "She wasn't like any other famous person that I had ever met before. She drove herself to work in a black minivan with car seats in it. She didn't roll in with security. She came in with a baby and two little boys, which at the time worked like security because nobody was going near her — it was chaos."

The "God's Country" singer then quickly shifts the focus to the honor his wife of two years is receiving.

"But today, it's nice to see her honored for her side project which is being one of the biggest stars in the world," he says emphatically.

"In my opinion Gwen is the perfect person to receive a star on the Walk of Fame," Shelton continues. "From music, television and movies to fashion and beauty she has risen to the top over and over again with her unique style that has made the world fall in love with her. Not as much as me though."

Standing next to her husband, Stefani continues to wipe tears from her eyes while keeping a smile on her face.

Shelton also spoke of her inherent star-like quality:

"And then there's that one thing that no one can ever explain," he expresses. "It's that thing that she was just born with that will make you stop and go wait, who is that? What's her name? What does she do? Why do I love her already? What the hell? That's the thing that God gives you and without question, God gave Gwen an extra scoop of it."

The Oklahoma native concludes his speech with fervent regard for her songwriting ability.

"What makes me the happiest for Gwen though is that this all started with a song that she wrote. Songwriting is her favorite thing to do and she happens to be exceptionally talented at it," he explains. "If you take a look at Gwen's discography over the years from the early days of No Doubt to her solo records, there's one common denominator on 99% of the songs - Gwen Stefani the songwriter."

"Gwen has blessed a lot of people's lives with her songwriting talent in more ways than one. Now I know first hand that it takes a lot of people to make a hit record, but none of this would have happened without Gwen Stefani the songwriter," he says, before concluding with:

"So congratulations to my all-time favorite songwriter on your star. You deserve this, and I love you."

The two share a warm embrace as Shelton plants a big kiss on her cheek.

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