Recently in Lubbock one simple red fruit actually caused quite a stir after being brought in by the truck load. Everyone knows what a strawberry is and has at least tried it once in their life but some Lubbock residents went crazy for a truck carrying hundreds of strawberries on Thursday afternoon.

Red and...

On Thursday, March 14, an 18-wheeler from Florida stopped in the Hub City at noon for about 30 minutes just outside of Whitewood Lanes where roughly 100 people gathered. What was the commotion? Well the 18-wheeler was carrying strawberries from My Fruit Truck. What is so special about these strawberries? They were picked in Florida on Tuesday, March 12, and then put into a climate controlled trailer that began its weeklong journey through multiple cities. These are also supposedly the tastiest strawberries you will ever try so we decided to get in line.

Mikael Donnovan, Townsquare Media
Mikael Donnovan, Townsquare Media


The line for these strawberries went around the entire parking lot and there were seasoned connoisseurs of these tasty fruits. Those that had purchased these strawberries before told us that we were in for a treat. Many people purchased multiple 8 pound boxes of strawberries which was reminiscent of the pandemic when everyone was buying up food. Eventually after making some friends and chatting with fellow strawberry fans we got our hands on our precious red jewels.


These strawberries were perfect to the point that we had to touch them to ensure they were real and the smell was so strong it was almost hypnotizing. We finally dove into the precious strawberries and the taste was something like out of a fairytale, they were so naturally sweet and ripe it felt like a sin to eat them. So we have joined the ranks of The Fruit Truck strawberry fans and are anticipating the next time the truck stops in Lubbock. What fruit do you want to try days after it's picked at peaked ripeness? Let us know!

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