It seems that with the recent snow people might have gotten a bit angry that they had to drive on icy roads to work which could be the reason a local high school basketball game almost turned into Mortal Kombat 2023.

KAMC news reported that a basketball game, hosted by Lorenzo ISD against Crosbyton ISD, is under police investigation after an altercation that started between players escalated. That altercation caused parents and people in the stands to head to the court to try to break up the situation but in turn became a big brawl of people holding each other back and trying to calm things down.

Some people that were at the game actually took to submitting their version of the footage to a local independent sports journalist page, Jasone Pearson Media, known for highlighting almost every sporting event on the South Plains. The basketball game was also being televised by the National Federation of State High School Associations and reportedly still has the video footage available to paying subscribers. The footage began making the rounds on social media but as of now the footage that was submitted to Jasone Pearson Media has been taken down/deleted by Facebook.

That take down of footage does not mean the whole situation itself has been deleted. People involved in the brawl could possibly be seeing some misdemeanor assault charges due to the incident. As per the publishing of this article, this incident is currently under investigation and there seem to be no reported injuries from the chaos that ensued. So the brawl was more of an intense dance with a few punches thrown by children and shoving by parents.

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