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Sometimes we see things on social media that make us wonder just what the poster was thinking. This...is not one of those times. Because it's (almost) totally completely 100 percent accuramundo.

A verified Twitter site called Big Game Boomer recently ranked the Top 50 College Football coaches, and a name that is very near the top of the list is very near and dear to our hearts around here.

Joey McGuire
John E. Moore III, Getty Images

That's our guy.

The site ranks Joey McGuire as the 3rd Friendliest Coach in all of College Football, and far and away the friendliest in the Big 12. Gus Malzahn of UCF was number 8, but they don't join the Big 12 until next season...so it really doesn't count, yet. Joey is the King of (Not) Mean.

Honestly, there isn't a soul who has met Joey that hasn't come away charmed by the man. Except maybe these referees...but they probably deserved it by calling a penalty against us or something. Jerks.

Texas Tech v Kansas State
Getty Images

Obviously, this is not a scientific poll or anything, but I have more faith in this study than anything that the CDC can come up with. Although if Joey stays around long enough, just driving every day on Loop 289 would turn his knuckles white with rage, and we can't have that!. So, let's all follow Joey's lead and just relaaaaaaax.

It also may be time to use the acknowledgement of Coach McGuire's easy going style by thinking up ways to incorporate it into our civic messaging.


Yeah, we kind of need his positive attitude around here. We love ya, Coach.


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