Many people love spoiling themselves by going out to get their nails done. Whether it is something you do regularly, or on special occasions, it is a nice treat that can help you feel your best.

Within this realm, gel nails have become very popular for their durability and beautiful shine. The only hold back is that it can be a little expensive to regularly get this service. This leaves you wondering if it is worth splurging to have it done professionally, or if you should save some cash in the long run by purchasing your own supplies.

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Here is what I have learned from my personal experience.

You can order nice quality gel nail supplies online or find them at your local beauty supply store, but there is definitely some skill required.

Unlike regular polish, once gel is cured, it is quite tough to remove. This means that any bit that gets onto your skin or cuticle has to be carefully cleaned up before curing, or else you risk the integrity of the whole nail’s polish being ruined. This is because gel tends to peel rather than chip.

This quality is why it is extra durable if applied correctly, but it can be a learning curve to figure out the right technique.

If you have the time, skill, and patience to learn the best way to apply gel on yourself, I think it can be a great option. However, I do think it is also great to support local businesses, and going to a salon you love that you know gets the job done how you like, can be just as great.

So, overall, I think it depends on what you’re looking for and how much money or effort you want to put into your nails.

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