Whether you are looking for a fun way to get in shape, a fun new hobby to do on your own or with friends, or simply want to learn a new skill, aerial fitness is a great option.

Lubbock is home to two different aerial fitness studios that both offer a variety of classes for multiple experience levels. Let’s take a look at both studios and what they each offer for both beginner and experienced customers.

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Aerial Atmosphere

Aerial Atmosphere is located at 50th and Slide and offers a wide variety of classes. They have a variety of pole lessons including Intro to Pole, Beginner Pole, Intro to Intermediate Pole, Intermediate & Advanced Pole Fitness, and Sensual Pole Flow. They also offer aerial hoop classes including Beginner Aerial Hoop and Intermediate & Advanced Aerial Hoop. You can also give Aerial Silks a try with their Beginner Aerial Silks class.

They also offer a variety of flexibility, stretching, and yoga classes, hula hooping, burlesque belly dancing, meditation, and strength & conditioning classes. There are even designated ‘Open Studio’ sessions where you can come and practice any skills you’ve been learning in their classes.

Art Fit

Art Fit also offers a variety of classes and is located off of 13th and Slide. They also offer pole classes with beginner, intermediate, and advanced options. They have Lyra (aerial hoop) classes at varying levels, as well as aerial silks from beginner to advanced.

Along with the aerial fitness classes, they offer yoga, flexibility training, personal training, belly dancing, karate, kickboxing, Japanese swordsmanship, and defensive tactics classes.

Where to Go

Both studios seem like great options for any level of aerial fitness. Aerial Atmosphere is a smaller, more intimate studio, and Art Fit is larger. Depending on what you prefer, it is great to have different options to choose from. You can learn more about the instructors at each studio via the Aerial Atmosphere or Art Fit websites and make whatever choice you feel is best for you.

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