On this day, 142 years ago, a new town was founded in Texas. That town would conveniently be named after the holiday we all know and love, Valentine’s Day.

Valentine, Texas

On February 14th, 1882, the town of Valentine, Texas was founded when a southern Pacific Railroad crew reached the site while building east from El Paso. It is in Jeff Davis County, west of Fort Davis, and the train started in 1883.

Not long after, in 1886, they got their first post office, and the town became a shipping point for local cattle ranchers.

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The town grew to a population of 500 by 1914 with five cattle breeders, a news company, a real estate office, a grocery store, a restaurant, and the Valentine Business Club. Unfortunately, the population has decreased over time to 267 by the late 90s, 187 by the 2000s, and 108 by 2021.

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Google Street View

What's there?

Despite the town’s decrease in population, it still maintains its popularity due to its festive name. Their post office receives many letters each year, especially around Valentine’s Day.

There are a few other notable things about Valentine, Texas, including Prada Marfa, an art instillation modeled after a Prada store and located in what looks like the middle of nowhere. They also experienced the largest earthquake in Texas history and is home to the smallest high school in Texas.

Another notable feature is that the town sits nearly exactly between Los Angeles, California and New Orleans, Louisiana. It is almost precisely 1000 miles from each.

If you want to learn more about Valentine, Texas, you can find more information here.

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