As the seasons change, so does the type of produce that is best. Depending on when certain fruits and vegetables are naturally grown and harvested, some items are of a better quality and will taste better overall.  

For example, you can buy watermelons all year long, but they are never as delicious as they are when you get them in the summer. That is because they are considered ‘in season’ in the summer.  

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You might assume that most fruits and veggies are best in the summer because that is when the rest of the plants around us are blooming and growing strong, but that isn’t the case. There are plenty of produce that grow best in colder climates or aren’t finished growing until the colder months. This means that there are plenty of fall and winter options as well.  

Now that we are transitioning from summer to fall, we are in a sweet spot where there are still summer fruits and veggies in season, but we are also starting to see some fall produce come into season as well. This is a great time to really enjoy those last bits of summer fruit, but also enjoy the transition into heartier produce as the weather begins to cool. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the produce that is in season in September.  

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