We live in a world that is constantly changing and growing, especially when it comes to technology. There are always new apps, devices, and rams developing that become the next big thing.  

Whether it is a matter of entertainment or making life more efficient, these developments are great to see. The only problem is when something new is introduced, it takes a while for it to be used across the board. The biggest example of this I am currently seeing is businesses implementing the use of the ‘tap’ feature when checking out.  

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Nowadays, everyone has a debit card, credit card, or phone that uses ‘tap’ as a form of payment, but not every business has kiosks that accept this payment. I specifically noticed it when I went to get gas this morning. I went to a different station than I usually do and found myself searching for the place to tap my card, but this machine didn’t have that option.  

With how many businesses have implemented this technology, it made me wonder why more places haven’t done the same.  

I know it costs the business to get new readers, but it could potentially be costing some places business to not have that form of payment. I know plenty of people that choose to only carry their phone with them and use Apple Pay rather than carry their whole wallet. Especially when just making a quick trip to the convenience store. If you don’t have a tap option, these customers will be bringing their business elsewhere.  

So, if you’re a business that has yet to implement the ‘tap’ system in Lubbock, maybe consider making the investment for a more efficient and modern setup.  

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