While Lubbock has many great stores, restaurants, and other businesses, there are still some areas that the Hub City is lacking in. One of them being the variety of grocery stores in the area.

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Now, I am a United Supermarkets girl, and I do manage to get most of what I need for the week from there, but sometimes you need that one specialty item that is only found at a very specific type of store. As someone that loves cooking and eating Asian cuisine, I tend to find myself needing specific Korean or Japanese ingredients that simply aren’t found at a traditional grocery store.

We do have a few specialty Asian markets in Lubbock, including Asian Mart, Oriental Market, Asian Food Market, and Namaste Asia. These stores typically have whatever I might need to make a delicious Asian dish, but due to their smaller, local nature, they don’t always have everything you might need. That is why I would love to see an H Mart come to Lubbock.

Google Street View
Google Street View

H Mart is a Korean grocery store chain that has stores all across the U.S. While they mostly provide Korean products, they also have Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese products, or the Korean equivalent, in their stores.

Along with the food, they carry a variety of kitchenware, beauty, and home goods supplies that would be hard to find elsewhere. They also often have sections to purchase freshly prepared food like kimbap, fresh kimchi, and more.

I know I will have to just keep my fingers crossed until the day H Mart possibly comes to Lubbock, but I will be happy continuing to shop from local markets as well.

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