You have to be two really cool guys to fight in the middle of an intersection.

The video at the bottom of this article is nuts.  I'll give you the blow-by-blow, then check it out for yourself and see if I missed anything.

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Is this 1994?

The video opens right smack dab in the middle of the action.  Two rascals who are still sagging their pants like it's the 90s are squaring off in an intersection.  One wearing an oversized red shirt, and one with a black hoodie. Initially, there's just some shoving and jaw-jacking as these two gents warm up to get the party started.

Take that!

Alright, here we go! Red Shirt throws the weakest punch you've ever seen. This punch looks like a sort of straight-armed hook if that's a thing. The "punch" connects with Hoodie's face but doesn't knock him down.  Black Hoodie then tosses Red around like a ragdoll and whoops on him for a second or two.


Thanks, babe

We're now treated to a brief intermission, as the camera pans over to the driver of Black Hoodie's car as she gets out and picks up his ball cap off of the road.  That's a good corner man right there.


Are you not entertained?

So now, the car that Black Hoodie is in takes a right turn and stops.  Red Shirt tries to open her back door.  The two lock up again, Red Shirt throws the second worst punch of the day and misses, which causes him to fall to the ground. The video gets a little hard to watch here because Hoodie kicks Red Shirt square in the face as he's defenseless on the ground.

Dude, just stay down.

Black Hoodie gets in the car, they start to drive away, and Red Shirt gets up off the ground and attempts to start it up AGAIN! That's when the episode ends.

Check out the video for yourself and keep scrolling to see some of the best comments.

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