Lubbock has been asking for more places to open that serve different types of food. One Lubbock man is stepping up to do that.

Daniel Nelson announced to me that he is in the process of bringing a Brazilian restaurant to the area called Sabor Brasileiro.

Now it will not be an all-you-can-eat like Churrascaria but they will be serving the same kinds of food. It will be Brazilian-style steaks like the Picanha, chicken, linguica (sausage), pastels, coxinha, Pao De Queijo, and all kinds of other Brazilian treats.

"My business partner is Brazilian/Japanese from Brazil. That’s the main reason. The other reason is I think Lubbock has a lack of eclectic dining options," said Nelson.

They are currently working on remodeling the location they found to make it a perfect spot when they open.

They also are looking to stay open late for more options for people who need stuff to stay open. They will be open to at least midnight every single day. They are working on keeping it open even later on weekends.

They will be located next to Rudy’s and Guitar Center at the old Vizos spot right off the Loop, 4930 S Loop 289, Ste 204.

We will keep you updated on when they open up and find out more details. They hope to open in March 2024.

Remember: if you know of any places opening soon or brand new to Lubbock that you want me to check out, reach out at:

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