Sometimes, you find awesome stuff when you're thrifting at Goodwill. Other times, you wonder what employees were thinking when they slapped a price tag on leftover Chinese to-go containers. It's the ebb and flow of thrift shopping...or something like that.

Have you ever come across something extra bizarre?

TikTok creator @brianrichardsmith likes to document his trips to Goodwill and show off some of his strangest finds. He's got a series of videos with some of the most ridiculous used items I've ever seen. Check out a couple of his videos below...

Ever bought a can of garbanzo beans at Goodwill?

If you're trying to get in shape, there's no shortage of Richard Simmons DVDs at Goodwill. Also, did you notice they still have the beans from the last video? Wtf. Ha.

I can't believe he didn't take that picture of Nancy Reagan. What a steal! And that Suave Shampoo!? Classic.

Goodwill bin stores are always a fun mix! I especially love the tangled mess of wires and the burned DVD of The Patriot.

The monster truck that's ONLY missing one wheel!? Priceless, dude. Almost as good as the empty cherry pepper jar. It's honestly a toss-up for me...

Omg. Y'all. The unsealed bottle of laxatives. I'm dead.

They had me right off the bat with the bootleg copies of Bones and Weeds.

If you're interested in checking out more of these amazing Goodwill finds, I highly recommend checking out @brianrichardsmith on TikTok. It's too much fun.

AND...if you come across anything odd in a Texas Goodwill, let me know! Email me at for a chance to be featured in an article!

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