Holy monkeys! There are creepy kids out there and they got their start in Abilene, Texas.

Is there anything creepier than a creepy kid? Think about the kid(s) coming back to life in "Pet Semetary", the twins in the hallway in "The Stand", or the whole dang bunch in "The Children Of The Corn".

Now imagine running across some little kids, and when they look at you their eyes are completely blacked out. No pupil, no iris, just both eyes a glossy-looking black orbs. I think it would probably run a shiver down your spine for sure. They are also said to wear hoodies to further obscure their faces.

These black-eyed children are a fairly recent urban legend that can actually be traced back to Abilene in 1996, but the legend has spread across the world. So are these children murderous, soul-stealing little monsters and should you worry about them? All reports/stories thus far only involve them knocking on doors (sometimes car doors) begging or asking to hitch a ride.

With those big black eyes, you have to wonder if they are mutants, possessed, or even aliens who have figured out how to take human shape but can't quite figure out the eye situation. A bigger question is, how do you get away from them? You certainly don't want to hurt anything "kid-sized" because it could be a real kid. I guess the only real plan of action is to hit the gas on your car or pretend you're not home if you hear the knocking.

No one can tell about the first Abilene encounter like Rudy Fernandez, you can check out his story here.

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