Amarillo, Texas was recently soaked to the bone- and flooded up right up to the walls of buildings due to recent storms. The flooding was so bad that 120 people, along with 20 pets had to evacuate areas of South Virginia Street this morning (June 8, 2023).

A disaster has since been declared for Potter County, with particular concern for the area around the Canadian River Basin. Lawrence Lake overflowed and shut down many businesses in the Olsen and Paramount area. There's standing water everywhere.

Crystal Williams
Crystal Williams

Taylor Wellborn caught drone footage of some affected areas, and the results look like a disaster movie. Look at all the businesses with water literally up to the walls. And eerily, the sunrise sky looks quite beautiful reflected in the standing water.

As you can see, this is not just a small area of town. These floods have surely caused hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. At least rain chances are low for upcoming days, so hopefully this area gets a chance to dry out soon.

All of Texas has been seeing rains of late, as you can see from this weekly rainfall map. You can also see that Amarillo, west of Amarillo, and the area south of Lubbock received 6-7 inches in that week.

Here in Texas, we frequently find ourselves praying for rain, but the recent deluge in some areas has caused massive damage to crops, livestock, businesses, and homes. Luckily, it appears that we will be "drying" out over the next few days. However, we all know the weather out here can change at the drop of a hat, so be careful out there.

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