Well, this is certainly going to be a mess.

I have already started seeing people take the latest news out of Facebook/Meta and completely misconstrue it.

Facebook is about to introduce a "Blue Badge" program that certifies that the owner of the page bearing it is legit. This program is a monthly fee of between $11.99 and $15.99 for those who get it. Why you would want it, is another thing altogether.

The only reason I can see for paying for this "Blue Badge" is if it also guarantees you some kind of reach with your posts, and I'm not seeing any promises made in that area (although one would assume there would be, or will be to keep that cash flowing). After all, the "Blue Check" usually lands you on top in search results. Anywhoo, all of this is about manipulating the algorithm for your benefit.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

As for you, the regular guy or gal posting family pictures or deep thoughts, there will still be no charge for you to use the service. I am fairly confident there never will be a charge for you because Facebook needs you around so the Blue Badges and Blue Check people will have someone to feel superior to. You are a vital part of the Facebook ecosystem, it's just you are the bottom feeders and will continue to be treated as such.

Again, you do not need these things so you will not be charged for posting your kitty videos. Just soldier on and pretend nothing is happening and you'll be good.

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