If you've got tumbleweeds up and down your block, in your yard, stuck to your fence, and any number of other random places, you are not alone. They are simply everywhere right now. The wind has been fierce in Lubbock, Texas lately and those bad boys are flying.

This house got it pretty bad...

Dustin Smith
Dustin Smith

Dustin Smith caught a great video of them blowing through a field just south of Smyer. I noticed it on Facebook and it took me a second before I realized that those were actually tumbleweeds. I was squinting and thinking maybe they were animals. Nope. Just a crap load of tumbleweeds, doing what they do best...tumbling.

It's pretty wild. Check it out.

It's kind of ominous, right? Sort of gives you the creeps.

Unfortunately, the wind is going to keep blowing for now. It's probably a pretty decent time to go out and buy a kite. When is the last time you flew one of those? It's been a while for me. I distinctly remember having a pink barbie one back in 1994. It's probably still caught up in the same tree...

Do you have a ton of tumbleweeds in your area? If you catch a good video or some photos, I'd love to check them out. Leave a comment below this article on the KFMX Facebook page if you're up to your eyes in tumbleweeds. Also, make sure you try to dispose of them if you are able. They could quickly become a fire hazard.

Stay safe out there, and tumble on!

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