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Lubbock Could See Rain, Hail + Cooler Temps This Weekend
So far, it's been a fairly typical summer in Lubbock. Sure, we had a day in the 80s recently, but we've also seen our fair share of warm, hot and extremely hot days in June. That's normal, of course.
This time of year, we start to think less about severe weather and instead wonder just…
Lubbock Could See More Rain On Tuesday
Severe weather season is in full swing on the South Plains. Last week, Lubbock dodged a scary looking storm that could have dropped a tornado over the city. Since then, we have seen a good number of days filled with rain and hail in some places across the area...
Another Winter Storm Is Heading For Texas
It's not over. Another winter storm is heading towards Texas and it could impact much of the same areas as the previous storm.
The people at are monitoring yet another winter storm which could impact West Texas around Noon on Tuesday before moving East and impacting North T…

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