We need to talk about butterflies.

You've heard about flies, right? Flies vomit when they land releasing digestive juices on their prospective food, essentially making a soup that they slurp up with their little fly mouths. Flies also leave fecal spots/specks that are teensy-eensy fly dookies. Disgusting, right?

So what about butterflies? This is where I got myself into trouble at home. We have a local exhibit here called, "Butterflies Alive" where you can enter a chamber and actual hatching butterflies are flying around and landing on folks. I commented to the family who were considering going that the butterflies just landed on people to poop on them (Pretty juvenile, right? That's what they thought too.)

All of this led me down a rabbit hole of butterfly science and I have good news for you butterfly lovers; butterflies don't technically poop or pee.  Instead, if a butterfly gets a little too much to drink (hey, we've all been there) they spray a little water out of their abdomen.  Apparently most of the pooing in a butterfly's life cycle happens before it becomes a butterfly.

Butterflies are plenty nasty for other reasons, at least in the wild. Butterflies actually land on people to suck the salt off of them. This means that butterflies also enjoy poop, and urine, and get ready for it, corpses.

Since we are not in the wild, it should be safe to say that any interaction with butterflies at an exhibit is perfectly safe and free of any butterfly potty or grossness. Just go enjoy them.

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