According to Dollar Tree CEO Rick Dreilling, customers will see an increase in prices on things like food, pet, and personal care items. You might like to stock up on some of your favorite cheapies soon before the price changes.

TikTok creator @keariamays pointed out 4 household essentials to add to your list of things to buy before Dollar Tree becomes Target. She puts some pretty important things in her basket. Check it out below:

Name-brand toothpaste, cotton swabs, lotion, and Dial Hand Soap are never going out of style. It might be smart to throw $100 at those items alone and refill your bathroom cabinets.

I'm sort of annoyed that Dollar Tree isn't still known for everything being a dollar. That was kind of the coolest part of the store. I don't people have a lot of expectations for super-high quality when everything is only a dollar. I feel like it's more the thrill of getting things for so damn cheap that keeps people coming back.

Now, Dollar Tree is just going to be like every other dollar store. Weak.

What do you think about the price increase coming up? Prices were raised at Dollar Tree back in June of 2023, and it doesn't look like it's slowed anyone down from shopping.

If you have more pointers for things to buy now before they get expensive, I'd love to hear from you. Comment below this article wherever you come across it, or feel free to email me at

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