There is a Holy Trinity in Texas; it is Whataburger, H-E-B and Buc-ee's. All three of these brands started in Texas and just about every Texan takes pride in knowing these brands originated in this country, I mean, state. Whataburger has great burgers, H-E-B has the best deals on groceries and Buc-ee's is a must stop on a road trip. Lately, Buc-ee's has taking over road trip pit stops in other states like Missouri and Colorado. However, there seems to be one state that Buc-ee's will never build, at least according to the gas station's fans.

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Buc-ee's Global Takeover

Buc-ee's has been building outside of Texas for a while now. The company has opened massive locations in Florida, Alabama and Tennessee and will soon have a location in Missouri, Kentucky and Colorado. The closest location to us in East Texas would be in Terrell. That location made the Interstate 20 - Highway 80 split a major hot spot. Since that Buc-ee's opened, a hotel, a shopping center and even a theater have opened in that multiple square mile area. Buc-ee's has been a big economic boom for that area.

Never Get a Buc-ee's

However, there seems to be one state that will never get a Buc-ee's. While it's kinda sad to hear that people there will never get to enjoy the experience that is Buc-ee's, I think many of us would be in agreement with some of the answers to the question "When is Bucces coming to California?"

Buc-ees Lovers Facebook Group
Buc-ees Lovers Facebook Group

Why Buc-ee's Won't Come to California

That is the question that was proposed in the "Buc-ees Lovers" Facebook group recently. Oh boy, did this get a response from Buc-ee's fans. First off, California doesn't have as many gas pumps in the entire state as Buc-ee's has in one location. Second, people wouldn't have any money to spend inside after filling up on $7 a gallon gas. Third, California people are not fun enough to enjoy what Buc-ee's is. So no, I don't believe Buc-ee's will ever build in California. / Michael Gibson, Townsquare Media / Michael Gibson, Townsquare Media

The responses under the question are gold, as well.

Responses to Wanting a Buc-ee's in California

Gallery Credit: Buc-ees Lovers Facebook Group

Sorry California, Buc-ee's most likely won't come to your state and Texans really don't want Buc-ee's to come to California, either. In the meantime, we're still waiting to hear if Buc-ee's will build in Lindale.

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