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It feels like Lubbock doesn't really know how to deal with cold weather since it's so used to it being UNFATHOMABLY HOT most of the year.

Despite personally being not super accustomed to the cold, I feel like I can manage it. When it dips below freezing, you take certain steps to make sure your dang pipes don't burst and flood your apartment. Common knowledge, right?

Well, now I know these things.

Last year, around the time of the big bad winter storm that ERCOT left most of the state stranded in, my pipes burst. I got the call while I was on the way to play Magic: The Gathering with some friends, so my anticipated night of fun didn't end going so great.

A good chunk of the power supplies I had on the floor exploded, my mat was ruined, my headphones (also foolishly on the floor) were done for, the bottom row of CDs on my shelf were soaked, and the carpet in the bedroom was ruined. Thank GOD my guitars were a bit off the ground and were saved. Some furniture also got warped, but it wasn't a huge deal.

I didn't have to pay for repairs since, y'know, it wasn't my apartment, but I still hated every minute of that experience. I'm thankful the owners were cool about it and let me stay in a bigger apartment for the same price, though.

So while it's expected to get pretty darn cold in the South Plains again, please please please do what you can to keep your house/apartment/whatever from flooding. Let all of your faucets drip, open the cabinets beneath them, keep the heat on (saving money on your heating bill isn't worth it), and make sure there's a working heat lamp or something if your water heater is outside like mine was.

Got it? Good. Stay warm, friends. <3

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