From the Rockies all the way to South Florida it's cold everywhere. Minneapolis was almost -30 and even Florida and temps below freezing.

And how about this, a family drove into the back of a semi-truck and got STUCK onto the back end of the truck.  The driver was unaware and drove 16 miles with its unwilling passenger.

Many schools around the Midwest have closed schools and wind chills for much of the nation are a life-threatening levels.  The blast of Arctic air has crippled the Midwest with road closings and traffic backed up for miles.  In Chicago they are using fire to warm up the train tracks!

Doug Brannson

Here in Lubbock we've had cold temps and of course all that ice last week.  Heading into the weekend tomorrow (Friday) we have colder temps again below freezing with some snow again.  Saturday warms up a little bit to the mid-30's and Sunday we have some sunshine and 52 for a high (hopefully).

So remember when you're scraping off your window in the morning, it can always be worse!

Doug Brannson