It's that time of year, unfortunately. The cheesy flu and cold commercials are back because with the changing of the seasons comes the battle of the flu and cold! Inside are some great, easy ways to help you and your family battle off the germy season!

There are so many ways to share germs and then fall victim to their attack, especially when it seems like everyone else around you and your family are getting sick and sharing it!

There are some easy ways to help you fight off that attack!

- Get into a routine of washing your hands.

This is a great practice for you and your entire family. The best times to try to always make a mental note to wash your hands are: -after you use the restroom, even if you only go in to blow your nose! -Before every meal, -Before you sit down to start work in the morning (if you think this one's a bit out there, try counting all of the door knobs and surfaces you touch before getting to your chair in the door, car door, car steering wheel, car door, office door.... the list can really add up and all are chances for a germ to latch on and just wait for you to touch your face!) -As soon as you get home, for the same previous reasons. A 45 second speed date with some warm water and soap a couple of times a day can go a long way to help protect yourself from becoming sick!

-Face Guard!

Not an actual face guard, though. If you remember your parents raising you to cover your mouth anytime you would cough or sneeze with your hand...that's nice and well intentioned, but the problem is that at that point you've now got a hand full of germs to spread to everyone and thing you touch. Try getting into a good habit of coughing or sneezing into the crook of your arm, next time, or have a box of facial tissues near by! (the ones with lotion are easier on your face's skin in the long run!)

-"Cleanliness is next to Godliness!"

This next one was what your mom was always working towards. Did you ever notice that when you headed off to college you would start getting more sick more often? It's not only because of the close contact with hundreds of others and their not so good habits, but it's also because you probably didn't (or don't) clean and disinfect the way mom used to do for you!

Keeping a clean house is another great way to keep yourself healthier. If dishes are molding with food in the sink and a dirty toilet and bathroom sink aren't around to collect germs for you to catch, then you are less likely to become sick.

The easiest way to achieve this last part is to set aside 20 minutes every other day or so and take disinfecting wipes over all the hard surfaces in your house/apartment/dorm.


If you happen to get the flu or a cold, the best thing to do is to REST and STAY HOME!! I know personally that it sucks to get sick when you have so much stuff to do, but if you try to continue taking on the world, not only will you prolong your recovery period, but you'll most likely also get others around you sick..... :(

Being sick is not fun, but these are a few quick ways to help you prepare for the battle that has arrived this season!

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