I have found that when a bee circles near it can end up being interested in my blonde hair and I was told years ago that bees prefer blondes!

Now facing spring and feeling inspired to spend more outdoor time with my dog, I did a little research on bee safety and found out that bees do have color preferences according to Terminix.com.

Bees color preferences make good sense, they seek out purple, blue and yellow flowers (blonde?!)  mostly! So you are advised not to wear these colors to a picnic or for a nature adventure.

I didn't find anything related to my blonde hair theory but it seems their preference for yellow would tie in . Maybe best to tie up your blonde hair, especially if you see a bee approaching!

Interesting as well, don't wear black or red as these can be mistaken by bees as the color of their natural predators Bees are attracted to sugary foods as well as sweet perfumes and scents so don't get fancy if you're headed outdoors!

Best advice if your approached by a bee, remain calm, walk away in a straight line and do not swat at it or act aggressively.

Stay safe and enjoy the great outdoors this spring and summer!


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