The 'Cross Traffic Does Not Stop' sign shows up sometimes here in Lubbock. Some stop signs have them, and some don't. But which stop signs get to have them, and are they actually a good idea?

Knowing that the traffic on the cross-street your at is not stopping for a stop sign is definitely a good idea. The question is, do drivers assume that if your stop sign doesn't say it's a 4-way stop, then it's not? And another question...if we get used to seeing the sign that cross traffic does not stop, will we start expecting it?

What do you think about this conundrum? Does your intersection need to qualify or meet certain traffic requirements to be able to have one? Is visibility poor at the intersection? Should all of this be considered? Talk to us on our Facebook page!

While I was researching this story, I found out that they sell these online. Some offices might even use them in their halls. We might even consider one at a couple of our busy hallway intersections here at the radio station.

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