The Texas Tech Red Raiders are 3-3 through the first six games of the season, with three wins at home and three losses on the road. The Red Raiders will eventually lose at The Jones again, but I don't think Texas Tech is finishing the season with an unwinnable slate at home.

While the first six games had a perfect 3-3 split on the road and at home, the back half of the schedule has a 4-2 split with four more games at home in Joey McGuire's first season in Lubbock. Texas Tech will go on the road to Fort Worth against TCU, and to Ames to play Iowa State.

Around those two road games, they'll play West Virginia, Baylor, Kansas, and Oklahoma in Lubbock. Is it crazy to say that the toughest of those four games is the Kansas Jayhawks? West Virginia is arguably the worst team in the conference and the Red Raiders should be heavily favored against the Mountaineers. Baylor will likely be ranked when they come to Lubbock and that one has already been announced as a sellout by the Texas Tech Athletic Department...much to the surprise of Texas Longhorn bloggers.

Baylor is Texas Tech's second sellout of the season. If Kansas is ranked, they might have enough juice to get The Jones to sellout capacity as well. Joey McGuire told everyone in the offseason that they'd beat Oklahoma and knock down the south end zone this summer. That statement has looked more true every weekend.

Texas Tech can get four out of their seven home games to the sellout status. Even more impressive is that Houston and Murray State were close to sellouts. Texas and Baylor will be two of the four sellout games, with Kansas and Oklahoma being the third and fourth.

If West Virginia can also reach sellout status, Texas Tech has a really positive outlook for the future and the new Big 12.

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