HobbyTown, a Lubbock toy and hobby store was chosen to be among the few stops for the Gundam Base Mobile USA tour, said a press release.

Gundam Mobile Base itself is a chain store in Japan that caters to fans of the franchise as a whole, and its model kits in particular.

Mobile Suit Gundam remains one of the biggest franchises in Japan, with the series synonymous with the real robot anime genre. Debuting in the late 1970s, the original Gundam anime was followed by numerous sequels, spin-offs, manga, video games and especially merchandise. Gundam plastic model kits (Gunpla) are released in various grades to denote their size and complexity, with the hobby of creating and collecting these models helping to make Gundam into a multimedia giant. The power of the franchise is now being felt across Las Vegas, with more locations set to experience the franchise firsthand.

The event will have digital green screen photos, hands-on Gundam Base Model Kit workshops and commemorative items sold exclusively on-site during the tour stops.

The Gundam Base Mobile USA Tour has only been to San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Arizona, with three stops scheduled after the event, the press release said.

The Gundam Base Mobile USA Tour will be at HobbyTown in Lubbock on December 16th and 17th 2023 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information, you can click the link here.

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