Singing teen sensation Justin Bieber not only pleases young girls with his singing, but his hairstyle has made headlines as well. The Wall Street Journal has named Bieber's "swish" cut as the most influential among guys. And for women, Emma Watson, of Harry Potter fame, is wearing a pixie cut now and she captures the 'do' for women. (Yeah, sure, I can see me with a pixie cut!) Now, you have the latest on what's 'hairstyle hip'. Guys, I would just love to be a fly on the wall as you're asking for the Beeb's haircut. In addition, according to an article in People, the Wall Street Journal also named the Kardashian wedding as the "Most Spectacular Bridal Fiasco". No surprise there. But there was a surprise for Taylor Swift with Justin Bieber showed up at one of her concerts last August. Check it out.