One of my favorite national days is right around the corner, National Tea Day. There are lots of great places to try local teas in Lubbock. But where did this holiday start?

National Tea Day began in 2016, and the date of April 21st was chosen because it's also Queen Elizabeth's birthday. I mean, could it be any more British?

Many types of tea exist around the world. Green tea is popular in countries such as China and Japan, whereas South Asian countries often prepare chai with spices. Did you know there's pink tea? It's commonly known as Kashmiri tea. In the UK, the perfect British cup is usually served as a variety of black tea with boiling water and a little milk.

No matter whatever your favorite tea is, April 21st is the day to celebrate.

One of my favorite places to get tea in Lubbock is Urban Tea Company. They offer freshly brewed tea every day. My favorite flavor is Strawberry Lemon Glow, but I have yet to try a flavor I didn't like.

Here's me and my friends hanging out with some drinks:


From now through National Tea Day on April 21st you can get 50 percent off pre-brewed tea when you mention "Lonestar" at Urban Tea Company. You can find them at 3334 66th Street in Lubbock, in the same parking lot at KK's Corner Mall. You can also find out more about them on their official website. They're open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

We haven't seen much else yet as far as National Tea Day deals in Lubbock. This one from Tea2Go was recently posted. Keep your eyes peeled, y'all!

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