Congratulations to Michele Carlile, our What Garth Got Me Through meet & greet contest winner! She was emotional and overjoyed as she explained on the phone how Garth has helped her get through a tough spot in her life.

"You have no idea how happy this makes me," Michelle said, filled with emotion. "Garth has been basically what I've leaned on for my life...since my dad isn't here. I've wanted for so long to hug that man's neck and thank him for everything that he's done for me."

Michelle shared her heartfelt story of losing her father -- a dedicated Garth Brooks fan himself -- at a young age, and how she clung to the country star's music to get her through some of the biggest moments in her life. Read her full contest entry below:

This is very difficult for me to write. When I was a little girl my father was passionate about----GARTH BROOKS. This was before the internet and you had to "call in" and get tickets to his shows. As a little girl with my father, I would sit dialing the local radio stations over and over (in Lubbock) trying to win tickets to his shows. With my father I saw Garth 5 times in concert. HE LOVED GARTH.

One day when I was scheduled to go visit my brother in Jacksonville, Tx I remember my father was lying on the cough in pain and moaning. I told my father I didn't want to go----he told me to go and reassured me so I did. One day later my brother had gotten a fall that I need to be on the next flight home---my father had been admitted to the hospital and it wasn't looking good. I was 9 years old at the time. I arrived back in Lubbock to find my mother awaiting for me when I got off of the plane. She took my older sister and I to a park---I was confused as to why she was taking me to the park instead to see my father (my parents were divorced). My mother then proceeded to tell me my father had gone to be with Jesus. This is something that is very difficult for a 9 year old to understand about HER FATHER.

I am 31 years old now. I have tried to carry on the love my father had for Garth. Now, Garth is the ONLY thing that I have on this earth of my father. When I see him live, see videos, see pictures of him the feeling is indescribable. I can FEEL my father right there with me. I can't get any closer to my father than that.

When my father passed away he left his estate to my sister and I. We were young and my father had appointed his best friend in charge of the estate. To make a long story short---my sister and I didn't get any of the estate---it was all taken from us. Everything except memories of our father and his LOVE FOR GARTH.

This concert is lubbock will be especially emotional for me as this will be the first time I will see him without my father in a place we once saw him together. My sister and mother will be joining a we once did.....except this time my father will be in spirit.

So what did Garth get me through? He got me THROUGH LIFE. Anytime I was feeling sad or needed my father......I listened to him. My father's dying wish? For us to play "The Dance" and "Shameless" at his funeral. A request we fulfilled.

My wedding? I didn't have my father walk my down the aisle. "Garth" walked me down the aisle (not literally---in song---although I did invite him to my wedding and his invitation GOT RETURNED :(

How did my husband propose to me? None other than to a Garth song being sang to us
Garth got me through life.....he got me through life without my father.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their incredible stories for our What Garth Got Me Through meet & greet contest. And congratulations once again to Michelle Carlile, our What Garth Got Me Through contest winner!

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