Congratulations to Connie and Bobby Jordan, our Garth Brooks/Trisha Yearwood Prizefighter meet & greet winners.

Connie Jordan shared the story of her husband's brave battle with Stage 4 cancer and how his unwavering faith and inspiring positive spirit in the face of a seemingly impossible diagnosis helped turn the tide and astound and amaze doctors, family and all who know him. Love and faith conquering all is the awesome message in this courageous and true story.

"From the very beginning, you know when we first got the news, of course I was shattered and I had a major meltdown, and he just looked at me, got this little quirky wink he always gives me...and he gave me thumbs up and said 'babe we got this,'" Connie told us. "...It's what keeps my faith going, it's that he's just so positive...he's got such a great outlook on it, he just believes he's going to beat it. So as a family we all trust his gut feeling, his outlook on it is awesome."

Thank you to everyone who submitted incredible stories of courage and inspiration for this Prizefighter Meet & Greet.

Congratulations once again to Connie and Bobbie Jordan our winners. You can read her full entry below, and listen to her discuss her husband's journey in the video above.

My husband Bobby, my best friend, a Dad and a Papa to 5 little ones and 1 on the way. He is my "prizefighter" because he is a Veteran of the USAF and a TDCJ Correctional officer. He was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer the beginning of January this year and this is a very brutal cancer without a very high survival rate unless it is caught early. He is stage 4 and was told that the large tumor has been there for a while. Things did not look very promising yet he kept a bright outlook from the very beginning telling me everything is okay. Anytime we met with the Dr's and the news sounded so grim to me, I would have a melt down and he would look at me and wink, and say "Babe I have this, it is okay"!!! He has amazing faith and truly keeps my faith strong. He had another PET scan after his 3rd Chemo treatment, just before his 4th treatment and his tumors has reduced to half the size they were. The Dr was amazed. He was not expecting that good of a report after only 3 treatments and he told us that Bobby is out of the woods for now. That was exactly the report that we were expecting because of Bobby and his faith and refusing to believe what the Dr's were telling us. Because of his faith, he has kept our family upbeat and positive through this whole process. Praying by the time he has completed his 12th treatment, that will be the final treatment and cancer free.

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