One thing you learn when you live in Lubbock is that we have a crazy amount of pride for Texas Tech.

Of course, you'll see the Double T, Raider Red, and Masked Rider plastered all over the city in the form of flags, stickers, home décor and more. While these are the most common, sometimes you'll see more unique Texas Tech-branded things around Lubbock.

This leads to when I was out and about Saturday, Sept. 18th, running some errands before going to the Texas Tech- Florida International football game that evening.

I stopped by my parent’s house to pick up a couple of things when my mom told me to check Facebook. I opened up the app on my phone and looked at her profile to see that a Texas Tech hot air balloon had apparently flown over their neighborhood that morning.

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I was a little bummed that I didn’t get to see it in person, so I tried looking it up to see if I could find more information online. Maybe I’m just not searching in the right place, but I couldn’t find any information about a Texas Tech hot air balloon.

Then, just this past weekend, another post about the hot air balloon was made to a private Facebook group. I guess it might just be a regular thing now to see the 'Double T' flying over Lubbock on a Saturday morning.

I reached out to the Office of Communications and Marketing at Texas Tech University, but at the time of this story's publication, I have yet to receive an answer on whether or not the school owns the balloon.

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