Once again, we feel compelled to dive deep into the somewhat depressing, solidly entertaining and eternally disturbing world that is Lubbock's Craiglist.

It's a pit of hopelessness, despair, depravity, and amateur (ahem) plumbers. It's like The Lion King when Mufasa tried to advise to Simba to keep his furry butt at home.

Meme Courtesy of imgflip.com

Never, ever go there.

Looking at the various categories, or "communities," one stood out today that I had never checked out before. It's a section called "Rants & Raves." One would think that it's a section for people who aren't buying or selling anything, and are just looking for a place to spot off opinions. I honestly thought that there would be a long list of amateur conspiracy theorists, street corner preachers and general whack-a-doos. You know, like Facebook.

Instead, I found tumbleweeds.

Just ONE lonely post.

Screenshot: Craigslist.com

That's it. Just ONE entry. Unlike the "Missed Connections" section, which is still a digital dumpster fire.

At first, I was also taken aback by the fact that the anonymous poster in question had misspelled the word 'religion.' Nope, that was intentional.

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When I clicked on the post, I found an explanation for the perceived spelling error, as well as a fairly heartfelt plea for togetherness and a question of choosing the correct path.

Screenshot: Craigslist.com

I will admit, I was invested in this right up until I read the following words:


I have a "Live Friendly" courtesy pie that resides in my heart. As long as my heart is beating, the pie is baking.
I will begin each tomorrow, sharing my pie with as many souls as I can reach.


A "courtesy pie"?

Dammit, now I just want pie. I don't need saving, I don't need redemption; I need a slice of cherry pie.

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

Mmmmmm, pie.

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