Emma Watson isn't only famous for her magic wand skills on 'Harry Potter'! Now, she'll even be known for those magic skill on a dance floor. Check out this video where she teaches Jimmy Fallon how to work it!

Jimmy Fallon is one of my all time favorite SNL comedians and it's nice that I can reliably catch him every night on his late show!
Recently, he had 'Harry Potter' star Emma Watson on for one of the most entertaining episodes he's ever had.

No, it's not dirty dancing like you may think...(a.k.a belt buckle rubbing). Emma teaches Jimmy a classic move that includes Jazz Hands, to boot! Then they recreate a couple of movie favorites like that infamous lift scene from 'Dirty Dancing'.

It's fun to see this side of movie stars. I like seeing they're just as crazy and easy going as the rest of us! (Hermione was always my favorite character in those movies, too. Good to know she's cool all the way around!)

Thanks to E!NewsNow for the clip on YouTube

Watch Jimmy Fallon get taught a thing or two about dancing from Emma Watson below: