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Starting on Monday, October 4th, Harmony Public Schools will begin offering full virtual learning for students determined to be eligible for it.

This announcement comes as Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently signed Senate Bill 15, providing funding for Texas public schools that wish to offer online learning for this school year.

To be eligible for virtual learning, students must bee the following requirements, according to a press release:

  • Students must have passed the most recent STAAR exams. If the student did not take STAAR, NWEA grade-level proficiency is required.
  • Students must have earned at least a C grade in "foundation curriculum" courses, which covers things such as math and reading, taken virtually or remotely in the previous school year.
  • Students must have had no more than 10% unexcused absences during the previous school year, and maintain less than 10 unexcused absences in a 6-month period.

On top of students being able to take part in virtual learning, remote conferencing will continue to be offered for students who wish to remain on-campus, but need to take virtual classes for the short-term. Through this program, students will able to learn from home for up to 20 days if they have a pre-existing medical condition or are forced to quarantine due to either a positive COVID-19 diagnosis or exposure.

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