It all started as a joke but since the website "blew up" it's being taken pretty seriously. Hank the cat has thrown his paw into the race for a U.S. Senate seat in Virginia. His owner is Anthony Roberts who says he and his partner set up the campaign as an inside joke. The campaign posters show Hank, a Maine Coon, gazing upward, wearing a tie and the add promises Hank will work to make America the greatest land of all. Oh yes, he's running as a liberal Democrat. But you probably already figured that one out.

News reports say his publicists tout Hank as "A proud independent with real world experience, a unique point of view and limitless energy." Check out the thirty second political spot that's running, and I'll bet voters, after seeing this, will secretly, but confidently check Hank's name while standing in the voting booth.

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