As the cold weather hits, there's a good chance your tire light will come on to indicate a tire pressure change. We spoke with Larry William's Brake Tune and Tire (video above) and he has some great tips for us,and our tires.

Winter weather can definitely affect your tire pressure. The last thing you want to deal with, especially on a cold night, is a blow out. Larry tells us that running on low tires can lead to a blow out, so you want to make sure your tires are aired up as the cold weather arrives.

When you use a gas station air pump you need to make sure you are putting air in the tire correctly, because as I've learned the hard way, it's all too easy to let air out of your tire instead and Larry has some great advice about how to get this done the right way.

You need to press firmly and make sure you don't hear the hiss of air escaping to ensure that you are not deflating your tire when airing up, he tells us. Gas station air pumps are not always the easiest to navigate, I prefer bringing my car in for service to have the tires checked and to insure I've got the correct air pressure all the way around.

It seems like, as cars become smarter, they alert us about everything imaginable and it can be a good thing, but when my tire light decided to turn on as I was driving back from Arizona through the mountains late at night it was a little scary.

It alerted me for only one tire so I was alarmed. Larry explained that while the tire pressure on all the tires changed due to the cold, the other tires didn't change enough to trigger an alert.

Always carry a can or two of Fix-a Flat, Larry tells us, it can air up and fix up a tire with a leak until you can get it taken care of. And it can save you from having to change your tire on the side of the road!

A big thank you to Larry Williams for the great advice! Williams Brake Tune and Tire is located on 311 19th Street, in Lubbock. Remember where they are, they offer free 'trip checks' and will check over your car for you before you take a road trip for added peace of mind on your journey.

Wednesday afternoons in the 3 o'clock hour I talk to Larry on Lonestar 99.5 for a quick tip, and he shares lots of great car and travel advice with us, plus we give away an oil change. Be sure to listen Wednesdays for your chance to win!


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