Did you know that Lubbock has an Art District Food Truck Park? Neither did I. Now we all know something new.

Downtown is Lubbock's Art District, which is the stuff around the LHUCA and the Charles Adams Studio Project, near 5th and Avenue J. And every Friday, they have food trucks lined up for lunch.

Lubbock's food truck scene is growing really fast. Each Friday, you can expect a bunch of different food trucks with all kids of eats to make everybody happy. Trucks from Chopped and Sliced BBQ, La Picosita, Blue Oasis, Llano Cubano, Urban Fixx, Angel Star, The Stand, and more make appearances.

Here's a Google Map to show you exactly where the food is, but you can always just follow your nose down there. It's one part of Lubbock that actually smells good!

Google Maps
Google Maps

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