Garth Brooks has grown a beard. That beard is generating attention. His wife Trisha loves it or he wouldn't have kept it, but a lot of fans are chiming in.

Brooks is amazed that, with everything else he has going on, so many people are interested in talking about his beard.

"I gotta tell you, I'm a little surprised. You know, you work hard on your touring, you work hard on your record, and people talk about your beard," Brooks laughed while speaking to me on the phone. "It's been everywhere for us. My wife is in love with it, that's why I have it. If she didn't like it at all, of course it would be gone. So, it's crazy. I haven't worn a beard since you know,'s kinda fun I guess. But I'm amazed how many people have said 'hey dude, keep the beard,' so I like it because, you know, I'm a guy who loves to eat anyway, so it hides my first two chins which, I'll take all the help I can get."

We're looking forward to his Lubbock tour stop and can't help but wonder if he'll be sporting a beard!

Hear Brooks' comments on his beard, his contributions to St. Jude and more in the video above. You can see more clips from my talk with the country legend below.

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