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America's favorite pastime was cut short Friday night, April 30th, after shots rang out near a youth baseball field in Eastern Lubbock.

The Lubbock Police Departments says that shots were reported just before 9:17 p.m. at the Ella Apartments, located right next to the park at 1102 58th Street.

Lubbock police say a vehicle pulled up next to the apartment complex and three men opened fire at someone standing outside of their apartment. The gunfire understandably sent families at the nearby baseball field into a panic.

At the time of the shooting, Lubbock Wreck'Em and the Lubbock Sting were facing off in a baseball game nearby at Lewis Park. Both teams are comprised of 13-year-old boys and are a part of the 13U Division of the Frenship Youth Baseball program.

Fortunately, no one at the baseball field was injured in the shooting, but one news outlet did report that the baseball players were noticeably shaken by the incident and shows photos of some players face down on the ground.

The person who was apparently the target of the shooting was not struck by any bullets, nor was anyone else at the apartment complex. As of this writing, the shooting suspects have not been identified or captured.

On Sunday, May 2nd, Frenship Youth Baseball sent out an email to families, acknowledging the shooting. The organization says they will not host any more Friday night games at Lewis Park, but will continue to host games there Monday through Thursday on the condition that the field is placed on watch by the Lubbock Police Department.

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