The holiday season is the time for giving and spending time with your family. However, some people will not be getting that. Some parents will be spending their time in the NICU worried about their baby's health. They'll be spending the time in the hospital circled around their sweet newborn babies instead of in a warm home full of gifts, love and cheers.

That's why for the second year now, University Medical Center is holding a Christmas Care Package Extravaganza. It's happening right now to raise gifts for families in the NICU in Lubbock. In 2019, they did this event and made 40 packages, equaling about $2,150 for all the families at the hospital's NICU, all thanks to the community's help. They did not get to do this fundraiser in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but are read to make this a yearly event to help those in need.

Alicia M. Powell is putting this together again and needs our help. She's asking everyone to feel the calling in your heart and help donate to their GoFundMe to make care packages for families in need while they're stuck in the hospital for the holidays. This shows them that people are thinking and caring about them while they have a lot of fear and worry in their hearts for their babies.

The packages include gift cards, journals, tumblers, donated gifts, and newborn products to hand out to every inpatient NICU family. While you can donate on their GoFundMe page, they're also taking the actual products as well.You can drop off donations at Dr. Amber Coon’s office on 6th Street right by the hospital,  4403 6th Sreett is the actual address.

Alicia says "It brought so many smiles that Christmas, that we agreed we would like to make it an annual event. The coolest part? A lot of the donors were prior NICU families. One donated journals and pens because she knew she relied on her journal in the NICU to keep organized with feeds/changes to treatment and to help cope with how she was feeling. Another donated inspirational jewelry for the mommas, and snacks for the dads. Another donated hand-knitted caps to help keep the babies warm."


They plan to have the gifts ready to go by December 17th, and will have the care packages delivered on Christmas Day.

The community has already raised almost $2,000 for these families and truly shows how amazing Lubbock and the people in it really are. Anything helps. Alicia and I both thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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