If you've lived in West Texas, you either know or have been to an Allsup's. It's kind of that staple gas station where you can get good food, gas and whatever snacks you need. Well, Lubbock is finally getting its first Allsup's and it's way different than any we've ever seen.

According to BuildRite Construction Owner and President Ryan Sanders, the company bought the old Arrogant Texan, located at 1111 University Avenue, and that's where the new Allsup's will go.

There aren't currently any Allsup's in Lubbock, but there are in surrounding towns. So we're finally getting our first one, and apparently it will be a "game-changer." We've all had the famous Allsup's burritos, but according to Sanders, Lubbock's first location will also boast a walk-up bar, full kitchen and dining area. The Allsup's in Lubbock will serve alcoholic drinks -- Crown and Coke slushies and more.

For now, that's all we know, but I'm seriously so excited about this news. It would've been awesome to have something like this when I went to Texas Tech. It's a great location for an Allsup's. The Arrogant Texan was such a great place to eat and an even better location, so it's great to hear something is finally taking its place.


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