This sentimental piece, an Italian gold byzantine chain, was a gift from her husband on their first Christmas together back in 1993.

When she flushed the toilet, she heard a noise, but didn't realize until later when she was looking for the necklace and started retracing her steps. She figured all was lost, but told her neighbor, Lynn Kemmeter, a former school teacher, about the incident. Kemmeter tells this site she'd been on student field trips at the facility. "They tell you the whole process from toilet to bay, so I knew her necklace was in there somewhere." Kemmeter reported the loss to the San Rafael Sanitation Department.

And then in January, during routine cleaning work on a pipeline, workers came across her necklace. Employees remembered the loss report Kemmeter had called in, tracked the owner down and returned the necklace. Now, that's a good reason to be good to your neighbor. You just never know when you're going to need them!

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