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We all knew fires were going to happen over the 4th of July weekend. Fortunately, the Lubbock Fire Department, along with the West Carlisle and other volunteer fire departments, were up to the task.

According to KAMC, over 100 grassfires were reported in and around Lubbock over the weekend. Fireworks, of course, were the main cause.

On July 4th, we were at a family celebration located just outside of the city limits. Fireworks were going off everywhere, yet one of the homeowners said that there were far less people on the roads than normal.

As we were wrapping up, we noticed the wind picking up and some storms off in the distance. Then, we saw the orange glow from a grassfire, which, because of the wind, made things appear to be pretty bad.

Note: In the tweet below, we actually thought it was closer to Shallowater. It wasn't.

As I mentioned earlier, local firefighters both paid and volunteer did an excellent job protecting people, property and animals. It wasn't long before my wife and I took a drive out to the area of the fire and crews were out making sure it didn't flame back up again.

Chad Hasty, KFYO.com
Chad Hasty, KFYO.com

According to KAMC, firefighters had to do this over and over again over the weekend:

Over the past two days alone, firefighters responded to 104 grass fires in the county. The West Carlisle Fire Department responded to ten grass fires in five hours on the evening of Fourth of July. Over the entire weekend, they were called out to 20 fires.

“With last night, we were more trying to get the edge of the fire put out and get to the next call because it was nothing for some departments to have 6-7-8 calls at one time. And you know, we are extremely limited on staff,” Assistant Chief of West Carlisle VFD Kevin Hendricks said.

Thanks again to our area fire fighters.

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