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Two years after a mishap involving fireworks at a 4th of July event at Buffalo Springs Lake, a lawsuit has been filed against several organizations.

Tuesday, July 6th, 2021, Jonathan Rodriguez, along with family members, filed a lawsuit against the below entities for negligence related to the misfire of fireworks, resulting in injuries to Rodriguez:

  • Buffalo Springs
  • Lubbock County Water Control & Improvement District Number 1
  • Buffalo Springs Lake Recreation & Improvement Association
  • Buffalo Bay Marina
  • Extreme Pyrotechnics, LLC
  • Terry County Tractor, Inc.
  • Performance Motorcoaches

Everything Lubbock reports court documents ask the court to hold solely Extreme Pyrotechnics responsible for damages, estimated between $1-10 million. It goes on to accuse the company of negligence. Extreme Pyrotechnics is the company that set up the fireworks display.

The fireworks malfunction in question happened during the 4th of July celebration in 2019. According to officials at Buffalo Springs, the misfire occurred minutes into the show, causing fires and the cancellation of the planned fireworks show. Video taken after the incident and posted to Facebook shows what looks like several fires burning at the site of the fireworks show.

No major injuries were reported during the incident, but one person was transported from the scene with unknown injuries. It's unclear what if any injuries were suffered by Rodriguez or the other family members involved in the lawsuit.

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